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Career pathing – a robust HR tool

Not much is heard of career-pathing and its ramifications for the organisation in the recent time. Its quite possible that with attrition is something that is accepted the interest towards career-pathing is so much lesser, particularly so in the technology industry.

The fact remains that career-pathing if practiced within the organisation, will be one single factor that can bring in a leap in employee engagement.

Career-pathing is the sign of a mature organisation, in which the HR function is robust enough to accept the challenges thrown up in growing your own people.

The moment you speak of career-pathing, the individual employees tend to belong to the place, and not just that, they also feel the need to contribute the best of their abilities.

It’s a mistaken notion – and fairly rightly so – that career-pathing is seen as orienting the employees for internal growth in the organisation. That is only a part of the story. True career pathing is when the organisation and its HR/leadership are able to make employees discuss their external career paths as well – with competitors or in a different space altogether. In such discussions, the present employer-employee dynamics must be able to help the right decision – taking into consideration the current competency bouquet of the person.

When HR and leadership has the ability and willingness to do such career-pathing at-least for a majority of the workforce (if not all), it also make the perfect breeding ground for other aspects of the HR program – like internal career path, succession planning, training and development and organisation development.

There are numerous examples of organisations that have been extremely successful in using career-pathing as a great HR and organisational tool. General Electric and Ibm are a couple of them…. a case in point is that you see people who have been trained in these kind of organisations take over leadership and management positions in almost the entire spectrum of global business.

What are the best examples of career-pathing you can think of, as a HR professional or otherwise?


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